Termidry Waterproofing Warranty

Termidry waterproofing membranes and the Termidry Residential Warranty - unrivalled protection for builders and homeowners.

Moisture and water damage in homes are consistent problems for builders and homeowners. Our exclusive warranty gives peace of mind knowing that Termidry backs its waterproofing applications long after handover.


Key Features*

  • Seven (7) years for workmanship
  • Ten (10) years for the product
  • Internal and external wet area applications
  • Cost of repairs up to $50,000
  • Covers moisture damage to the building fabric such as flooring, wall and ceiling tiles
  • Repair or replacement of a faulty membrane
  • Inspection by Termidry if there is evidence of water egress from the treated areas

Contact your local Termidry Service Centre for more information about Termidry and our waterproofing warranty


*Conditions and Exclusions
Termidry takes all due care with its waterproofing applications. We however cannot be responsible for damage to the waterproof membrane by following trades or third parties.

Termidry uses a range of waterproofing products and application techniques in residential construction that vary from state to state and to suit builder requirements. To qualify for a Termidry Residential Warranty the application must be to Termidry specifications and these are superior to Australian Standard AS 37340 - 2010. Applications only to the Australian Standard do not qualify.

The Termidry Residential Warranty applies only to new residential construction.

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